On Losing Members

Today as we worshipped at Transitions, our numbers were down. After having to pull chairs from other rooms last week, we were able to sit everyone at one table this week and I couldn’t be more excited!

4 of our congregants graduated today meaning that they are no longer in need of transitional housing because they have found permanent housing!

5 of our congregants weren’t there because they have secured day labor when the weather is nice and the weather was beautiful today!

1 of our congregants is in rehabilitation and in line for an assisted living housing option that will have access to nursing and doctors, which she needs. 

And as we celebrated with our community today, I thought how interesting it was that in so many communities of faith, losing members is cause angst and stress and worry about the future of the church. While over in the heart of Columbia, in a homeless shelter, there is a community of faith who rejoices and praises God every time on its members leaves. 

Perhaps, this is what Jesus meant when he said to his disciples, “Go and make disciples.” Perhaps stagnant, fixed congregation and church buildings aren’t in fact what Jesus had in mind as he moved from one town to another teaching and healing along the way. 

Perhaps from those who have been outcast and ostracized because they have no home, we have much to learn about the future of the church. 

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