The Power of Communion

As we worshipped at Transitions Homeless Shelter today, there was something that happened in our community. We had two new people who had come to worship with us, and we had volunteers outside the room who were leading a class on health after us. As we were passing the bread and the cup during communion, one of the people who was attending service for the first time said, “I would like some.” 

The lady who was sitting next to him looked at him and said, “She comes around. Everyone gets some.” 

His eyes filled with tears as the cup and plate came to him. “This is the body of Christ broken for you and Christ blood shed for you,” I said. He closed his eyes as he placed the piece of bread dripping with juice into the cup. 

There’s something powerful about fellowship. Something that Jesus himself recognized and asked his disciples to remember and celebrate. It’s why we were so excited at ministrieslab to partner with Panera who has offered to donate not only our communion bread for the month of July, but also to share from the leftovers they have from their bakery to add to the food the clients receive on Wednesdays. 

How often do we have worship, insight, a listening ear, and maybe a loaf of bread leftover? When we share that with someone else, we create fellowship. We say as we share, I see you. I see you are a person and have needs just like me. When we see someone and fellowship with that person, we create communion that holy experience where being seen and being heard nourishes not only our physical bodies, but our very souls. 

Thanks be to God for communion around the table at Transitions Homeless Shelter.  

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